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Dmytro Kazakov
Dmytro Kazakov

Hello! My name is Dmitry Kazakov. I have worked in the travel industry of the UAE for almost all of my life after I graduated from the university. I started by professional career back in the 1990's working for such travel companies as Dubai Star, Maggy Tours, Alpha Tours, and Dubai Relax.

I came to the United Arab Emirates purely by chance. It oftentimes happens in this life that one's destiny brings its own corrections to one's living. One of my co-students once offered me a short-term seasonal job at a travel company. I came there to work for a couple of weeks or maybe not more than a month, but it happened in the end that this short-term business trip influenced my entire career and my further life.

Later on, as I gained some valuable experience, I started to work on my own. The reason for doing that was the inability to make the full use of my own potential. A guide is a creative job, but there are many things beyond a guide's control and still affecting the quality of a tour, such as the time spent to gather all of the tourists from different hotels and the transportation issues, including the mood of your bus driver and his emotional and physical condition. The buses themselves are also of concern because such things as their cleanness and technical condition matter a lot. It is sometimes impossible to change the program of a tour or the selection of a restaurant and meals, but such issues can easily be solved once there is an individual tour when everything depends on you and your work experience. The work of a guide has always been my vocation, and I cannot imagine my life without it. In 2004, I got a license from the Dubai Department of Tourism, Commerce, Marketing, and Excursions, and I take re-attestations on a regular basis. This all authorizes me to work on my own in full compliance with the law.

I like good music of different styles and genres, so I would say that good music is my partner for life. When I worked as a sound engineer at Radio Rocks in the Ukraine, I especially favoured some radio broadcasts dedicated to different styles and genres of music and to different popular singers and players. I later used the experience I had earned from my radio career as I started working as a bus tour guide in Dubai; it all took the form of short combined pieces of information and music played back during the halts in the course of a tour or on our return trip. I was also making short presentations about popular performers of the Arab world and their best musical compositions.

I am a fan of the songs composed and performed by amateur singers and composers, and I also favour playing a six-string guitar. The sounds of this musical instrument always find strong reflection in my heart.

I used to attend a mountaineering club and I also practiced river rafting and traveling on a bicycle. Later, as I worked in Dubai, I became a fan of motorcar traveling as well, and made a series of journeys in the mountains of the neighboring Sultanate of Oman. In my view, this is the most attractive part of the Arabian Peninsula as far as the picturesque nature of this unique region is concerned.

I am also a big fan of amateur photography since I used to attend a photo club back in my senior school years. At the time of the Soviet Union, everyone used the Soviet-made Zenith-type photo cameras and the mode of taking pictures was exclusively manual. My instructors were real admirers of their job, so they shared their valuable perennial experience with their students. Finally, this admiration of amateur photography became a hobby for my entire life as I grew older.

I got interested in sea diving in the UAE and got a PADI Open Water certificate. I used to dive around almost all nearshore reefs and sunken ships.

As Leonid joined, the work of our small team became essentially more active. Leonid brought a large number of new ideas to our work and we also developed some new strategies. The main things in what we do are well-coordinated teamwork, clear understanding, and mutual assistance.

I cannot help getting excited with how fast and vast the local desert areas are being transformed into blooming cities and gardens. This country is rising from the sands of desert just as we look at it. Still at the same time, there are villages in the remote parts of the neighboring countries in the Arabian Peninsula where life remains exactly the way it used to be as long as half a century ago. One can get to those locations by a jeep only, and those places sometimes remain secluded from the rest of the world.

Long story short, I have got a lot of interesting things to tell as for today. Therefore, traveling in a company of good people always makes unforgettable impressions and things to remember about this country that last for the rest of one's life; its people, its unusual culture and traditions, and the wild tenants of its sand dunes, stony mountains, and sea depths.

Best regards, GuideUAE team

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