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Tours to the United Arab Emirates

It took only four decades for this country, previously almost unknown to the rest of the world, to become one of the centers of tourism and of the global economy. A desert land, which was not very much suitable for good living, has become a miracle of the East as numerous local villages of fishermen became modern vast metropolises with developed infrastructure and as unbelievably perfect high-rise buildings and fashionable hotels came to replace the old huts covered with palm leaves. Here you can see the highest building on the globe, the Palm Islands, the most grandiose mosque, and the Ferrari World theme park. Everything is superb here since this is the will of the Sheikh! Welcome to the United Arab Emirates!

How can one see all of these with one's own eyes?

Enjoy our most exciting and most popular guided tours to the UAE

We offer guided tours from Dubai, Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah, Fujairah, and from other emirates. You do not need to adapt to the schedule of a travel agency because it is you who determine the time when and the place where your tour starts.

Please do not get confused with the word combination of individual guides. A 'private guide' does not mean 'expensive', but it means 'good quality' and 'maximum convenience' for you. The price of a tour depends on the size of your group, the emirate you choose, and the season of the year. A bus tour for you and your family will hardly cost less; just take the price list of any travel agency and multiply the price by the number of the people you have. And then just call us! We are pretty sure that you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Furthermore, an individual guided tour has a number of advantages, such as no long wait for the rest of a tourist group and the flexibility of schedule. Changes and corrections can be made to the tour program according to your wishes. We always have something to offer you!

Best regards, GuideUAE team

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